Sunday, 15 January 2012

This last week has been quite a tumultuous one for us. I have been flat out with work, we had our appointment with my surgeon, playdates with friends, daycare, plunket checkups, visits from the Cancer Society, and its all gone downhill as Maxwell now has croup - so there really is no time in the day to be a sado ;)

So on tuesday we went all the way back to Manakau to see Dr Mike Flint, (minus maxwell as I scheduled daycare around the appointment ) who was 30 minutes late... anyhow, we had lots of questions answered. I got to see my actual MRI, Xray and CT Scan results which were quite fascinating, my tumor is actually attached deep into my thigh muscle but mostly sits on top on the thigh. 
He said that Radiation works very well on this type of cancer - in some previous cases it has completely killed off the whole tumor. 
In grossness, I will be cut open from the top of my leg to me knee, in hospital for 7 days, will have a massive scar and have to be careful with the healing process on my leg. Radiation kills all the cells and everything living and good in that area, so healing will take some time.
I have to have CT, MRI, Bloods and X-rays every 3 months for the first 2 years, every 6 months for the next 5 years, and then yearly for the next 10.
The only thing that sent off serious alarm bells is my lungs. When I had my first CT scan over a month ago, the doctors gave me the all clear for tumors in my chest  - but mentioned there was some small "nodules" in my lungs - and it was nothing to worry about. Dr flint showed me my CT scan of my lungs, and there are small specs of white dotted over them. (Anything that shows up white on a CT or MRI means that its not supposed to be there) He asked If I have travelled - ahem, yes most of my life, and that I had most likely had an infection in the past and not to worry about it, but keep an eye on it.
Hmmmm. Myxoid Liposarcoma has the potential to spread - and we know what stage im at. The worrying part to this is that the most common place for it to spread according to every piece of medical information I can find - your Lungs. Keeping an eye indeed.
Bad news for Harry - I have to start weaning him off the boob. He said the meds while im in hospital will mess with my milk and be dangerous. So I officially have 2.5 months to get him off. This is not cool - I fed Max until 9 months, I feel horrible that im not giving Harry the same start as his brother, I feel bad, like im letting him down. People will think im being silly but that was my personal goal.
So we left and in typical fashion, I had forgotten to ask the majority of questions I had intended to ask, not to worry, ill be seeing him again in a few weeks.

On thursday I had a nice lady from the New Zealand Cancer Society visit, giving me the rundown on services, counseling, gas mileage allowances, therapy, groups - you name it she knew the answer.

Besides that, according to plunket, Harry is doing brilliantly and exceeding all expectations. Max on the other hand had a fab start to the week, we picked him up from daycare on tuesday and he was FILTHY, sand - food in his hair, dirt on his cheek, you name it - but he was smiling ear to ear. Hes taken like a duck to water at daycare. We only decided to put him in when I was diagnosed, so he could separate a little from me. Downside is in the 5 weeks he has been attending, he has been ill twice - today the doctor told us he has croup. Lord Jesus, I was up every hour last night, and that is no joke. Between max waking in tears and harry waking for feeds, today I was a zombie - and I still have not had a nap 10pm.

Mums coming on wednesday to help for the month, as I start treatment on thursday. We had a rocky start to the week, as she nearly bailed on helping me out for the beginning of my treatment, but we got it sorted out. She tells me she wants to be here - so I have to go with that.

Here are some pics of Harry chewing on vegies and our trip on sunday to Kelly Tarltons, Max wasnt feeling being a penguin! x

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  1. oh dear... shame about the breastfeeding... I know you wanted to do it for the 9 months, and I know how it gets when you have a goal like that, however at least you dont have to straight stop right now... you will have put in a great effort by then - you already have! :)

    all the checks are frustrating, I still get stressed every time mum goes for her yearly...

    love you x