Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I had my appointment today at the Radiation and Oncology Department at the Auckland Health Board. We had no idea that it was an actual Cancer unit. Maybe I should have prepared myself for walking in - it was all "Cancer". Ladies with Headscarves, sick people in wheelchairs, cancer pamphlets everywhere about support groups, Counseling Services and the like. Maxwell was on fine form as usual - squealing at us because we wouldn't let him take off up the corridors. Anyhow - I had my Appointment and was told all the facts I needed to know in regards to half of my treatment.
I have to undergo Radiation Therapy - which is EVERYDAY for 5 weeks! I do get weekends off, but this is a huge pain in the ass. Im guessing this is where we will need a family member to come up to Auckland to help out, its just not possible to take both Maxwell and Harry in and expect them to sit there while this happens everyday. This all gets done at the Oncology department itself - which means that I have to drive into the city everyday - so we need to buy another car! I do have the option of having someone from the Cancer society picking me up everyday - but im not into that at all. I may have cancer but im not immobile. I would like to keep some dignity (not that having cancer is undignified - if you understand what I mean.
Anyhoooo, they went through the information about Radiation itself - The effect it will have on me, tiredness, nausea will kick in after a couple of weeks - rash like bad sunburn. Possible complications include nerve damage and numbness - possible long term effects such as mobility and joint issues on my knee. They need to make sure my long bone in my leg, is not affected by the radiation. There is also a small risk of the radiation therapy causing another cancer - I know this makes no sense of even having treatment - but the risk was only 1% and the doctor said that the risk of NOT having radiation treatment would be disastrous. 
You have to put faith in your doctors right?
So this is just %50 of my treatment. They other half is obviously surgery - which we will see the famous Dr Mike Flint tomorrow morning, who is apparently "The Man" in NZ to do these type of Cancer Surgeries. Every doctor I have seen so far has nothing but goodness to say about him. So far sounds promising. The surgery comes 4 weeks after my radiation treatment has finished. They need to give me 1 month of rest before the big day.
Besides all this I have been in mostly happy and peaceful spirits, I still havnt had a cry either! We went out for an awesome Italian meal last night, just me and simon - didn't discuss too much about cancer, instead having a right old laugh about simons job and the douchebags of the New Zealand Music Industry. 2 glasses of wine - I had a sore head this morning as Im a super lightweight these days.
So nice to have some time away without the kids, this never happens! An old friend of mine, Silas from back in the day - his wife Danielle looked after the midgets - we couldn't be thankful enough!
The great news is I can still breastfeed! The boob gods are looking over you Harry x

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  1. woohoo! awesome news re breastfeeding! so so so happy for you... :) and harry :) x