Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feeling flat as a pancake today, Harry woke a million times last night, he's super unsettled from his injections. Toys everywhere and I have a million customer orders to pack. And I just can't be bothered. Simons leaving work early as he thinks I'm close to cracking, but I don't feel like I'm going too. Still no tears, I just feel numbness.
I spent hours on google yesterday reading up on myxiod liposarcoma. Everyone tells me not to google but if they were in my position, how could you not....
I found out a few interesting facts.

* in 2004 statistics show that only 1 case of Myxiod Liposarcoma was diagnosed in new Zealand every year.
* in America most people choose not to go with chemo as a treatment option, and just have radiation plus surgery.
* the likelihood of the cancer returning at some stage is likely, especially in other organs.
* if you don't have medical insurance in the USA your screwed.

I'm feeling quite blessed right now to be living in New Zealand. I can just straight into my doctors and if it's classed as urgent, it will be sorted then and there. I feel sorry for Americans, their health system is a shambles.

Its going to be a quiet weekend, besides Simon doing his radio show, I think I'll reside close to home this weekend. Feeling ever so slightly needy, and that's hugely unlike me.

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  1. I definitely think googling is fine... As long as you take what people say with a grain (or bag) of salt! You are lucky to be living in a country where the health system is good! x